Staff Meetings

EMBLEM Staff Meeting at Kisumu, Kenya in 2014

The Second EMBLEM Update and Scientific Meeting was held on the campus of the Kenya Medical Research Institute in Kisumu, Kenya from September 22-26, 2014. The staff meeting focused on:

  1. reports and challenges of ongoing field work;
  2. presentation and discussion of initial data from completed components in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania; and
  3. discussion of how to optimize and harmonize field implementation across three sites, stressing the importance of rigorous adherence to the harmonized protocols with assurance of staff understanding.

The theme of the scientific component was "Leveraging New Technologies to Answer Old Questions" (PDF). This theme attracted:

  1. international and regional scientists who disseminated the latest findings in Burkitt Lymphoma research;
  2. academic mentors who provided guidance regarding career development for young scientists; and
  3. EMBLEM staff who participated in charting the way forward for the EMBLEM study.

Requests for copies of presentations listed in the meeting program (PDF) should be directed to Janet Lawler-Heavner, EMBLEM Study Manager, Westat.